USA Families in DetentionHere's the case sheet, read up on his case before you start writing.

Amnesty Case Sheet - PDF

Contact Officials

Write a letter to the Interim Director of ICE.  Tell him to immediately and unconditionally release all the families from ICE detention together.

Use these links to print a Starter or Complete letter:


You can also send an email to the Interim Director of ICE: 


Send tweets to 

  • @ICEgov

Send a Message of Home to Families in Detention

Send them notes through our partner, the Immigration Justice Campaign.  Letters can be sent to:

  • Mackenzie Levy
    1111 N. Main Ave.
    San Antonio, TX 78212


Report your letters!

IF you signed up for our events in STEP 1 above, report your letters here:

IF you did NOT sign up for our event, report you letters directly on the Amnesty USA site: