Metu Pride DefendersHere's the case sheet, read up on his case before you start writing.

Amnesty Case Sheet - PDF

Contact Officials

Write a letter to the ambassador of Turkey.  Tell him to monitor the case to ensure they are acquitted of all charges. Remind him that the students and the academics were exercising their right to peaceful assembly and should therefore be acquitted of all charges against them. 

Use these links to print a Starter or Complete letter:


You can also send an email to the ambassador: 


Send tweets to 

  • @serdarkilic9

Share Your Pride In MELIKE & ÖZGÜR


Visit METU LGBTI+ Solidarity Group’s Twitter & Instagram feed @odtulgbti. Take a photo of yourself with a Pride flag and share on your social media channels, tagging @odtulgbti, and adding a message of support in the caption.


Report your letters!

IF you signed up for our events in STEP 1 above, report your letters here:

IF you did NOT sign up for our event, report you letters directly on the Amnesty USA site: