Use this form to track your letters IF you signed up for one of the Twin Cities Write for Rights Events! If you signed up to write your own letters, track your letters here: Amnesty USA Letter Tracking

We will NOT TRACK your information, we just want to be sure we do not double count your letters!  We will send you a confirmation email so you know your letters have been counted.  If you write more letters later, come back to this form and you can update your counts.  
Your Letters
Check the number of letters you wrote, count the letter to the official and the letter to the prisoner of conscience in your total.
Burundi: Germain Rukuki *
Colombia: Jani Silva *
Pakistan: Idris Khattak *
Saudi Arabia: Nassima Al-sada *
Turkey: Melike Balkan And Özgür Gür *
USA: Families In Detention *
USA: Teyonna Lofton *
Philippines: Leila De Lima *

THANK YOU for participating in this year's event, we really appreciate the time and energy you take to stand up for human rights!