Idris Khattak CaseHere's the case sheet, read up on his case before you start writing.

Amnesty Case Sheet - PDF

Contact Officials

Write a letter to the ambassador of Pakistan.  Tell him to release Idris or, if there is credible and admissible evidence of an internationally recognized offence, bring him promptly to justice in a fair trial before a civilian court.

Use these links to print a Starter or Complete letter:


You can also send an email to the ambassador: 


Send tweets to 

  • @PakEmbassyDC

Send Support Letter to Idris' Family

Send your messages of support to his daughters Talia and Shumaisa.  You can send photos of your book recommendations or of yourself gardening – two things Idris loved. 


Send tweets to the daughters:

  • @TaliaKhattak
  • @shumaisa77 


Report your letters!

IF you signed up for our events in STEP 1 above, report your letters here:

IF you did NOT sign up for our event, report you letters directly on the Amnesty USA site: