Colombia - Jani SilvaHere's the case sheet, read up on his case before you start writing.

Amnesty Case Sheet - PDF

Contact Officials


Write a letter to the ambassador of Colombia.  Tell him to protect Jani and all ADISPA members so that they can safely defend the natural resources we all depend on.  Use these links to print a Starter or Complete letter:


You can also send an email to the ambassador: 


Send tweets to 

  • @ColombiaEmbUSA
  • @PachoSantosC

Send Support Letter to Jani

Tell her and fellow ADISPA members how much you admire their courage. Include one of these lines, and draw a picture that represents the one you’ve chosen.

Report your letters!

IF you signed up for our events in STEP 1 above, report your letters here:

IF you did NOT sign up for our event, report you letters directly on the Amnesty USA site: