Group #37 Events

This year's events have already happened, but you can still participate had have your letters count as part of our events!  Make this a holiday tradition and write letters with your family and friends.  

If you need letters and labels printed out, let us know!  AND we can provide you with postage if you need it.  Please just ask!  Reach out via the Contact form.

Here's all the information you need to participate in this year's Write for Rights.

Step 1 - Signup for a Group #37 event - or -  Sign Up as an Individual at Amnesty USA

IF you sign up for one of our events, then track your letters through our website. 

IF you sign up as an individual, then track your letters through the Amnesty USA website. 

Use the links below to sign up at the Amnesty USA website.  

Step 2 - Read up on the instructions for writing letters

The Amnesty USA site provides clear instructions for writing letters:

Step 3 - Download letters and labels, and Start Writing!

We have a page of instructions for each case.  Visit each page below to find notes and letter templates:

Optional Group #37 Case

Here's the link to print labels for all the cases!

Step 4 - Report your letters!

IF you signed up for our events in STEP 1 above, report your letters here:

IF you did NOT sign up for our event, report you letters directly on the Amnesty USA site:


Reach us through our contact form!

Thank you for Participating in Write For Rights!