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We intend to send this letter on June 1st, 2022.  

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Dear Special Rapporteur Achiume,

The following groups and individuals join in inviting you to visit Minneapolis as part of your upcoming U.S. Country Visit. In particular we urge you to investigate issues of racism in the Minneapolis Police Department.

As you know, the murder of George Floyd received international attention and resulted in a worldwide cry for justice. It has been described as the epicenter for overdue and necessary police reform. There is a well-documented history of abuse by members of the Minneapolis Police Department toward members of minority communities going back decades. Attempts to address the issues by use of civilian review boards have failed in large part because of police refusal to cooperate with citizen boards.

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) has released its findings that the Minneapolis Police Department has engaged in a pattern-or-practice of discrimination against people of color. A Department of Justice (DOJ) pattern-or-practice investigation is underway. The Minnesota Department of Human Rights findings will likely result in a consent decree mandating changes in how the Minneapolis Police Department deals with members of protected classes. If the Department of Justice makes comparable findings a federal consent decree will also result. But after the consent decrees expire the city must continue to pay an independent monitor in order to ensure continuing independent monitoring. It is necessary to create the political will for policymakers and taxpayers to support retaining an independent monitor in order to make lasting changes in the Minneapolis Police Department. Past interventions by the Department of Justice including one in 2015 have failed. Recommendations have fallen through the cracks. There has been no lasting change.

The Minneapolis City Council has established a workgroup to create a truth and reconciliation process. It is currently a work in progress. To do it well will also require political will by policymakers and taxpayers to make it work.

We believe that an investigation and report by you will focus public attention on this issue in ways that past attempts to deal with racism within the Minneapolis Police Department have not. We believe that it will help to bolster the political will to make meaningful enduring changes to address this issue and complement the findings of the Department of Justice and Minnesota Department of Human Rights. It will also have a carryover effect on other cities and police departments.

We urge you to visit Minneapolis as part of your upcoming U.S Country visit.

Group Signatories

Citizens for Global Solutions Minnesota

Contact: Kathya Dawe, President
Dear Special Rapporteur Achiume,
You are kindly invited to visit Minneapolis

The Advocates for Human Rights

Contact: Jennifer Prestholdt, Deputy Director
Founded in 1983, The Advocates for Human Rights (The Advocates) is a volunteer-based non-governmental organization committed to the impartial promotion and protection of international human rights standards and the rule of law. The Advocates conducts a range of programs to promote human rights in the United States and around the world, including monitoring and fact-finding, direct legal representation, education and training, and publication. The Advocates has held ECOSOC Special consultative status since 1996 and participates frequently in international advocacy at the United Nations human rights mechanisms, including Special Procedures mandates. Should the Special Rapporteur decide to visit Minnesota as part of the United States country visit, The Advocates would be happy to assist with planning and supporting the mandate during that part of the visit.

Women Against Military Madness

Contact: Kristin Dooley, Director
Please also investigate the increasing number of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Minneapolis and our city's failure to take appropriate action. Thank you.

Minnesota Peace Project

Contact: Catherine Murphy, President
Please help us to turn our police department into a true force for public safety and justice.

Minnesota Justice Coalition

Contact: John, President
We support this initiative and will support you any way we can.

The Center for Victims of Torture

Contact: Ta'Mara Hill, Policy Officer
The findings of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights report are disturbing and violent, but they don’t tell us anything community members haven’t been pointing out for years: that they are targeted, harassed, abused and surveilled by officials of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD).

We are appalled by the mistreatment and abuse BIPOC communities in Minneapolis have and continue to face. The use of unnecessary or excessive force, chemical irritants and unauthorized surveillance is always egregious. However, the disproportional rate in which these tactics are used by MPD against Black people is especially heinous and worrisome. And while this report was specific to the MPD, it pains us to think about the possibility that many police departments, in Minnesota and the rest of the country, tolerate this behavior.

At CVT, we are working with community leaders in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and nationally to advocate for the end of abuse, torture, and degrading/inhumane treatment perpetuated by our country’s policing and criminal legal systems. We believe in humane policing that prioritizes communities and protects civilians from discrimination, violence, and abuse.

It’s long past time for change and accountability. We urge the UN to visit Minneapolis, and join our passionate and dedicated communities as we continue to fight for public safety that keeps us all safe.


Contact: Jaylani Hussein, Executive Director
"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Dr. King

The greatest democracy in our time must be held to the highest standards of protecting Human Rights. Minneapolis city failed this at the highest international stage when the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd. This was only because of the brave bystanders who shed a light on injustice by this administration.

The UN must hold the US and the City of Minneapolis accountable for Human Rights violations as others. This starts with inquiry and visit.

Come and learn from a community that lives with these realities daily.

A visit from the special Rapporteur Achiume is overdue. You can't ignore the most known murder in our time by state action. The killing and Murder of George Floyd.

The Council on American Islamic Relations Minnesota Chapter stands with the many community voices that are calling you to witness. Nothing less is a tragedy to the foundation of the United Nations.

The Quran teaches us Justice is above all.
O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not [personal] inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort [your testimony] or refuse [to give it], then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted. (4:135)

Minnesota Women's Press

Contact: Mikki Morrissette, publisher/editor
We are hosting a series in the fall related to toxic masculinity. A large piece of the violence in our communities is related to racism. We need to start unpacking the roots of racism and misogyny, and doing socialization differently.

Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence

Contact: Toshira Garraway, Founder
Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence works to provide resources and support to all families whom have lost their love ones at the hands of police here in the state of Minnesota and Many other states as well. There are about 25 families within this organization that we provide support too.

George Floyd was the face of hundreds of those that have had there lives taken at the hands of law enforcement here in the state of Minnesota. Since the year 2000 there has been over 470 lives taken at the hands of law enforcement and so many families left with no justice for their love one’s.

Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence (FSFAPV) is a group that has been formed by families of police violence here in the State of Minnesota to support other families experiencing the same trauma and Pain in our communities. We work to build relationship with community leaders and those in the political seats to bridge the gaps and work together to bring about systematic change.

National Lawyers Guild - UMN Law Chapter

Contact: Evan Dale, Executive Board Member


Contact: Munira Mohamed , Policy Associate

Amnesty International - Group #37 - Twin Cities

Contact: Wilbur Ince, Group #37 Coordinator
Thank you for considering a visit to Minneapolis.

Communities United Against Police Brutality

Contact: Michelle Gross, President
Throughout our 22 years of work to address policing in Minneapolis, we have seen the devastating effects of racist policing on our community. We urge the UN Special Rapporteur to come to Minneapolis, MN USA to witness directly the issues with the Minneapolis police department and the resistance of the city and department to making the changes that are needed.

Mossier LLC

Contact: Nick Alm, CEO
Mossier is a community for people to listen, test ideas, learn, and grow. We work with organizations to develop employment equity for everyone LGBTQ through in-person meetups, DEI training and education, and our jobs platform. All of these resources help employees design the way they want their workspaces to work for everyone, not to mention how to hold leaders accountable to action. We strongly support this letter.

Jewish Voice for Peace - Twin Cities

Contact: Barry Cohen, Member, Coordinating Committee
A MN Human Rights Department study revealed a deeply rooted culture of racism in the Minneapolis Police Department successive mayoral administrations have ignored. A Rapporteur, monitoring a progress in realizing promised reforms, could provide impetus for the city to fulfill its commitments.

Indigenous Peoples Task Force

Contact: Sharon Day, Executive Director