Sunday, June 23, 2024 | 2:00pm to 4:00pm CDT


First Congregational Church 
500 SE 8th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55414


Meeting ID: 848 9887 2899
Passcode: 680930

Meeting Notes and Agenda

Google Doc - Group 37 Meeting Agendaz

Regular Meeting 2-3pm CDT

Introductions - Letter Writing action - be ready to write!


IOPT - Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Close Guantanamo


MMIW - Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Death Penalty



Guest Speaker - 3-4pm CDT

Abe Bonowitz - Death Penalty Action

Abraham Bonowitz will share his journey from being a death penalty supporter to being the co-founder and executive director of the leading single-issue anti-death penalty organization in the United States. He will then brief us on current issues facing opponents of capital punishment in the United States.

Abraham J. Bonowitz has been one of the leading organizers in the death penalty abolition movement since he changed his mind on the issue in the late 1980’s. Currently he runs Death Penalty action.