You can make a donation to support our local group #37 operations.  Since we are part of Amnesty USA, you can make a tax deductible donation. 

To make a donation, send a check made out to "Local 37 of Amnesty International":

c/o Kathy Haskins 
Treasurer - Local 37 of Amnesty International
1211 Lagoon Ave, Unit 507
Minneapolis MN 55408 

We use donations to fund the operations of our local group.  This includes:

  • postage and materials for letter writing actions
  • fees for online conferencing software
  • expenses for our annual Write For Rights event
  • support for First Congregational Church, which hosts our monthly meetings

Thanks for considering making a donation!

We have considered taking online donations, but the cost and complication is too much for a very small organization like Group #37.