2021 Write For Rights

It's time for our biggest letter writing campaign of the year - Write For Rights.  Sign up to participate at any level, there are 10 cases this year - and we are doing another action for our adopted Prisoner of Conscience- Leila De Lima.  

Although our official Write-For-Rights event has already happened, you can still participate in this year's campaign.  Write letters on your own or organize a small group to write.  We can provide you with materials to make it even easier!

Signup at Amnesty USA

Visit the Amnesty USA website and sign up to participate:

2021 Write For Rights Signup

Write Letters on your Own

You can also write letters on your own.  Sign up to receive case labels and return labels from Group 37.

Get Writing Materials from Group 37

Report Your Letters

This year we will report all our letters through the Amnesty USA website.  Use their form to report your letters.  

Report Your Letters at Amnesty USA


If you have the interest and the resources, please consider making a donation to help Group 37 make a bigger impact!


THANK YOU Writers for Rights!

You make a difference in all of our lives by standing up for basic human rights around the world.  You make the difference.